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Ask Kent, the Dream GuyAsk Kent… he’s smooth, suave, and always knows the right thing to say!

Whether you need advice about the diamond, the proposal, your romantic getaway, or anything else related to your engagement, Kent is here to answer some of life’s toughest questions!  You don’t have to rely on the guys at the gym anymore, Kent is sure to steer you in the right direction.  Kent never reveals your name, so there’s no concern about that special someone finding out.  Your secret is safe with us!

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*Questions are always asked anonymously to protect the identity of future proposers.

Dear Kent,

I think I’ve found the perfect ring but I’m worried it’s not going to fit when I propose.  I’m so nervous that when I pop the question it’s not going to go over her ring finger.  What do I do?!

Stressed about Finger Size

Dear Stressed about Finger Size,

Don’t worry too much about having the size perfect.  As long as it will go over her finger, she can have it sized exactly to her specifications.  Many times girls will tell you casually that they ran into a jewelry store and got their finger sized if they suspect the ring might be coming.  If it’s a complete surprise, see if you can get a hold of one of the rings she wears.  For instance, talk about her tiny fingers while you’re out with friends and see if you can get her to give you the ring to jokingly try on your finger.  Stick it on your finger and judge where it hits.   Then when you need to know an approximate size you can have the jeweler help you try on different sizes and estimate the closest match.  And remember, it’s always better to go bigger than too small!


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