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The Do’s and Don’t’s of Proposing

ProposalsWe know it’s a stressful and very important moment in your life.  So follow these few tips to help make the proposal perfect!


Do: Practice your proposal!  “Will you marry me?” may sound like a few simple words but when the time comes your nerves will most likely be kicked in high gear.  So practice!  Write down what you want to say to her.  Ask yourself:

*How does she make you feel?
*What do you love most about her?
*What do you look forward to in the future?

This will make your proposal run smoothly and with confidence!

Do: Ask her Dad’s permission.  There is still something nice and respectful about asking for the parents’ blessing. 

Do: Make it a surprise.  Even if she picked out the ring with you, the proposal is up to you.  Whether she says it or not, she’s been dreaming about this moment since she was a little girl so make sure you pop the question when she least expects it.

Do: Drop down on one knee.  There’s something sexy and romantic about this classic proposal move.


Don’t: Hide the engagement ring in food.  It’s just a dangerous idea. It’s been in a thousand movies and TV shows, so you’re not being original. Even worse, she may swallow the ring or crack a tooth.

Don’t: Make it too complicated.  Remember it’s about the two of you and your relationship.  If you’re stressed out about the timing of the limousine getting to the fireworks show where a giant banner is flying across the sky you’re going to be stressed and not thinking about what’s most important – your future fiancé!

Don’t:  Spill the beans to too many buddies.  Sharing the news is much more fun when you do it together!

Don’t:  Open the ring box anywhere it could get lost easily, aka in the ocean.  You’ll be nervous and if you happen to open the box upside down, you need to be able to find the ring if it drops.

Don’t:  Play a joke.  Just avoid it.

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