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PANDORA offers a complete range of high quality jewelry ranging from beads and charms for the PANDORA bracelet concept to a universe of jewelry with rings, earrings, and necklaces.

PANDORA’s ever-popular charm bracelet was launched in the Danish market in 2000.  The strength of the PANDORA charm bracelet is the detailed design, the high quality, and the unique threaded system, all at affordable prices.

Each bracelet is divided into three sections by small threads.  Each charm is equipped with interior thread, which allows for individual placement within any bracelet segment.

To hold the charms in place, two clips can be placed over the middle two threads.  The clips are opened by gently sliding one finger nail into the side corner of the clip’s crease.  To close the clip, simply pinch the sides together.  The charms move freely and rotate slightly with your wrist’s movement, creating and undeniable eye catching and stunning effect.

The unique bracelet system is patented in various markets around the world.